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Greshamowie, czyli City idzie na całość — boson

Unsigned portrait in oils dated 1544 of Sir Thomas Gresham, in the collection of the Mercers’ Company of the City of London. 1544 portrait of Sir Thomas Gresham, aged 26 as inscribed, displaying his merchant’s mark (left). Apparently commemorating his 1544 marriage to Anne Ferneley, with the couple’s initials „AG” and „TG” framing the marriage […]

via Greshamowie, czyli City idzie na całość — boson

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  1. boson pisze:

    „This looting of 645 monasteries, 90 colleges, 110 hospitals and 2374 chanteries and free chapels did more than deprive the people of England of a wealth of property put to social use; it brought about the re-definition of property itself. A century and a half after the looting, the Whig placeman John Locke redefined the notion of private property as absolute in both right and use in a way that was congenial to the descendants of the looters who reasserted their hegemony in the wake of the consolidation of Protestant power that took place at the time of the Glorious Revolution.”
    — E. Michael Jones

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