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  1. boson napisał(a):

    „Prince Eugene of Savoy brought him a large number of valuable Hebrew manuscripts from Turkey, which became the nucleus of the famous David Oppenheimer Library, now part of the Bodleian Library at Oxford.”

  2. boson napisał(a):

    „Simon Wolf Oppenheimer (died 10 November 1726) was a German Jewish banker and Court Jew of the Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg in Hanover. He was the son of Samuel Oppenheimer, and was married to Frade Behrends, the granddaughter of Leffmann Behrends [,cysorz-leopold-radziwillowie-lubomirscy-i-ten-slynny-rabin-z-wiednia ].

    The astronomer Raphael Levi Hannover was a bookkeeper in his firm [ten od Leibniza…,leibniz-czyli-zabojcza-biblioteka ].”

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