Ach ci Hertzowie, i ich krewni

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  1. boson napisał(a):

    „Until its sale in 2009, Sal. Oppenheim was the largest privately owned investment/banking house in Europe with assets of €138 billion.”

  2. boson napisał(a):

    „The brothers transformed their father’s commission and exchange house into a major private bank. Through Abraham’s marriage in 1834 to Charlotte Beyfus, the Oppenheim family became relatives of the Rothschild banking family [Charlotte była wnuczką znanego nam już „niemieckiego” Rotszylda…].

    Abraham Oppenheim figured prominently in the finances of the German railway system, insurance industry, and the engineering and cotton industries. In 1886, he became the first unbaptised Jew to be ennobled in Prussia, being created a baron and being admitted to the inner circle of Kaiser Wilhelm I.”

  3. boson napisał(a):


    5 braci R. = Londyn + Paryż + Wiedeń + Frankfurt + Neapol

    (przy czym, Neapol został zamknięty w 1863, a w „1901, at the time of the closure of the Rothschilds’ Frankfurt office [po śmierci barona Wilhelma Carla von Rothschild (16 May 1828 – 25 January 1901)], family discussions took place concerning the disposition of the records of the Naples house. Alphonse James de Rothschild opposed the idea of preserving the documents in the Rothschild Library in Frankfurt and eventually it was agreed that all the Naples office records be destroyed.”)

    + Berlin ze „szwagrem” O.

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