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Czy to początek uczciwego śledztwa  w śledztwie dotyczącego katastrofy. Po blisko 7 latach od tragicznych zdarzeń 7-13 kwietnia 2010 roku, które wstrząsnęły nie tylko Rodakami w kraju.


W tydzień po tragedii – zawyły syreny W sobotę o 8:56 w całej Polsce zabiły dzwony i rozległy się syreny. Ruch samochodowy zatrzymał się. O tej godzinie tydzień temu w Smoleńsku rozbił się samolot prezydencki. Katastrofy nikt z 96 osób nie przeżył. Przypominamy tragiczne wydarzenia soboty 10 kwietnia minuta po minucie. (http://www.tvn24.pl)

Dzisiaj 22 marca 2017 roku w kiosku Kolportera”

Gazeta Polska #12(1232) indeks 320919 www.gazetapolska.pl

Rozmowa z Antonim Macierewiczem

Nr 12 z 22 marca 2017



Chicago artist dies in crash of Polish president’s plane

Sculptor traveling to Russia to mark 70th anniversary of Katyn Massacre

April 10, 2010|By Angie Leventis Lourgos, Tribune Reporter

The plane crash in Russia that killed the Polish president and nearly 100 other political, military and religious leaders hit Chicago’s sizable Polish community particularly hard Saturday.

On board was Chicago artist Wojciech Seweryn, who dedicated most of his adult life to remembering the thousands of Polish victims shot and buried in a mass grave by Soviet secret police in 1940. Among them was Seweryn’s father, who held him in a Polish hospital the day he was born and then never saw him again.

The 70-year-old sculptor led the construction of a Katyn Massacre memorial dedicated last year at a Niles cemetery. Seweryn had been greatly anticipating the culmination of his life’s work, a trip to the Russian forest to commemorate the tragedy’s 70th anniversary.

That made Seweryn’s death in the plane crash all the more ironic. He died close to the very site where his father was buried as the victim of an atrocity the Soviet government denied for half a century.

„He always wanted to remember his dad,” said his grandson, 15-year-old Daniel Wojtowicz of Mount Prospect, on Saturday afternoon. „Now he’s closer to him.”

Well-known in Chicago’s Polish community, Seweryn was mourned along with the other crash victims throughout the city and suburbs. Some traveled to the Polish consulate on Lake Shore Drive, where they signed a book of condolences. Others attended a hastily-called evening mourning mass at a Northwest Side church.

„It is a magical mystery — at the same spot, the same place,” said Greg Dabrowski, who gave a presentation Saturday morning at a Schaumburg junior high school about the massacre and later stopped by the Polish consulate. „This is really powerful for everybody.”

Dozens of Polish immigrants and descendents left flowers and memorial candles at the sculpture in St. Adalbert Cemetery that Seweryn had designed, which depicts the Virgin Mary holding a dying soldier in front of a cross and granite eagle wings.

Pawel Gogola, 23, knelt before the sculpture and said prayers for all of Katyn’s victims — those killed in the plane crash as well as those murdered 70 years ago. Gogola, who left Poland when he was 5, said he doesn’t know how to describe the pain his country endures with the loss of so many leaders.

„It’s like a body without a head,” he said. „It’s like a parent dying and leaving young children by themselves.”

„It brings back harsh memories,” said Jadwiga Malinowska, 76, of Des Plaines, who was working at a Polish deli in Niles. She was 6 when the massacre occurred, and said she remembers Soviet officials taking away prominent community members, who never returned.

„There must be some underlying reason why these people died trying to get to the 70th anniversary,” she said.

For Seweryn, the trip was a high honor. He planned on taking a 24-hour train ride from Warsaw to Katyn but was ecstatic at the invitation to fly with Polish President Lech Kaczynski.

The night before he died was the best of his life, spent dining with dignitaries and anticipating the commemoration events, said daughter Anna Wojtowicz, who spoke with him on the phone Friday.

„He was so honored,” she said. „He was so happy that he could travel with the president.”

Kaczynski was planning a return trip to Chicago in a few weeks for the Polish Constitution Day Parade, said Zygmunt Matynia, Chicago consul general of the Republic of Poland. In September 2007, Kaczynski delivered a speech to a foreign policy group and met with business leaders in Chicago, a city believed to have the largest Polish population outside Warsaw.

By evening, more than 500 people packed St. Hyacinth Basilica on the Northwest Side for a mourning mass said in Polish. Another is scheduled for 3 p.m. Sunday at the church.

Many got early morning phone calls from family and friends in Poland bearing the bad news.

„At first, I didn’t believe. I sat and saw that it was true,” said Casey Kulik, 50, who moved from Poland 12 years ago.

Greg Kumpin was especially saddened by the death of Kaczynski.

„He was a very good president,” said Kumpin, 47, who moved from Poland 20 years ago. „He was fighting for freedom. He was fighting for who we are.”

Rosa Januszk, here for 25 years, said she can hardly imagine the pain back in her native country.

„We feel like we want to connect to those people,” she said. „We’re sad. We cried.”

Tribune reporters Lisa Black, Jared Hopkins and Andrew L. Wang contributed.


Wykopano rowy trudne do zasypania do dnia dzisiejszego.

Czas goi rany. A co na to ma do powiedzenia Kuria Warszawska i miesięcznice smoleńskie. Kiedy się zakończą jako Rocznice Smoleńskie ?


Czy świadkiem w procesie Donalda Tuska byłego premiera RP będzie Jacek Sasin, z kancelarii prezydenta RP. Najwyższy rangą dyplomata polski po śp. ambasadorze Jerzym Bahr. Wszak jego bliski przyjaciel był Dyrektorem Generalnym Urzędu Lotnictwa Cywilnego.


Sasin: Miałem lecieć do Smoleńska, ale oddałem swoje miejsce w …


Apr 10, 2013

Foto: tvn24 | Video: tvn24 Sasin miał lecieć do Smoleńska, ale oddał miejsce w samolocie ….. „Bardzo …

05.12.2016 | „Nie miałem informacji, że lotnisko w Smoleńsku było …

Dec 5, 2016

Nie miałem informacji, że lotnisko w Smoleńsku było niebezpieczne – powiedziałJacek Sasin, pełniący w …

Katastrofa smoleńska. Jacek Sasin zeznawał w procesie b. wiceszefa …


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May 4, 2015 – … warunków, wpłynęło do nas po katastrofie smoleńskiej – zeznał w sądzie Jacek Sasin. … Pan od filmowej muzyki …. Stąd było dla mnie zaskoczeniem, że nie ma BOR na lotnisku wSmoleńsku – powiedział. … 10 kwietnia 2010 r. pod Smoleńskiem zginęło 96 osób – wśród nichprezydent Lech Kaczyński z …

Sasin na procesie Arabskiego: Nie miałem informacji, by smoleńskie …

wiadomosci.dziennik.pl › Wiadomości › Polityka

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Dec 5, 2016 – Nie miałem informacji, aby lotnisko w Smoleńsku w jakikolwiek sposób … mówił przed sądem b. wiceszef Kancelarii Prezydenta Jacek Sasin. … taki lot z prezydentem na pokładzie, z delegacją ma się odbyć”. … Ponadto: Pan Sasin składając fałszywe zeznania myśli, że skutecznie chroni własne 4 litery.


Co w tych dniach 7-13 kwietnia lądowało na lotnisku Smoleńsk Jużnyj, czynne cały czas. To Jużnyj podawał prognozę pogody.

Już w roku 2011-2012 Blogerzy ze środowisk międzynarodowych wskazali PROBLEMY z identyfikacją wraku smoleńskiego TU154M ponoć PLF101.


Re: Polish president’s plane crash. PsyOp?

Postby bostonterrierowner on December 6th, 2012, 4:38 pm

I am working on a post about alleged victims . Two people make me think hard .

The first one is Ryszard Kaczorowski , 90 at the time of the „crash” . He was the last Polish president on exile in London . I know he existed because I saw him with my own eyes in POSK ( Polish Cultural Centre ) in British capital in 2000 . Wasn’t the guy too old to play in silly PsyOps ?

This whole exile gvnt. was a farce created by the British to somehow distract the Poles from grasping a picture of total sell out of Poland to the Bolsheviks after WWII . The guy was supposedly a war hero . I long suspected that Polish Government in London during WWII was a nest of masonic traitors . They gave the order to start Warsaw Uprising that totally destroyed the city and State Army in an insanely uneven fight against the Wehrmacht . The thing was a disaster and I know for sure because my grandmother had a misfortune to have lived through it . This way they made the terrain ready to take over by Stalin .


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Re: Polish president’s plane crash. PsyOp?

Postby bostonterrierowner on December 6th, 2012, 4:44 pm

The second one is Anna Walentynowicz , a simple Gdansk Shipyard worker and a legend of Solidarnosc . She was neglected after 1989 and lived the life of a poor Polish , working class pensioner in Gdańsk untill Lech Kaczyńśki started honoring her after becoming President in 2005 . She was said to be a real leader of 1980 strikes that later gave way to „abolishing” communism and a counterweight to hopelessly compromised false legend of Lech Wałęsa . Again , she was 80 in 2010 .


During strike in 1980 :


This whole exhumation circus started from her allegedly wrongly coffined body .

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Re: Polish president’s plane crash. PsyOp?

Postby simonshack on December 6th, 2012, 5:18 pm


Hmmm…fishy and inconsistent imagery – to say the least:



Find the errors…

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Re: Polish president’s plane crash. PsyOp?

Postby simonshack on December 6th, 2012, 9:21 pm


Also, dear BTO – are we asked to believe that these three shots of the landing gear (and surroundings) look so different – due to it being filmed/photographed at different moments in time / and different angles?


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Re: Polish president’s plane crash. PsyOp?

Postby bostonterrierowner on December 6th, 2012, 10:27 pm

Exactly Simon :)

This whole „plane crash” has 9/11 blueprint all over it but it differs from it in regards to the „victims” . We don’t deal here with whole circus of vicsims and fake politicians’ wives like Barbara Olsen . Significant number of people that allegedly died were real and it makes me wonder where they hid them ?

What happened to Kaczorowski and Walentynowicz ? The last president in exile cannot just go on with his normal shit in London . Can he ? :)

What I suspect is that they only have to last for a short period of time more , after this it won’t matter anymore . It sounds creepy .

This PsyOp was enormously powerful and its scope was mind boggling . You should have seen all this people lining to pay respects to the „fallen” presidential couple , crowds congregating in Plac Zamkowy in Warsaw Old Town for various catholic masses for the „murdered” by evil Russians . Why do Putin play the ball with our corrupt politicians in this mind fuck undertaking ? Why do they stir hatred against Russia and come up with new and new bullshit messing with peoples emotions ?
It looks like they are getting us ready for some confrontation with our bigger Slav cousins , and it would fit perfectly with Syria , Georgia and other warmongering tactics .
I will stop now because fear mongering is not my intention here .
Recently we saw in our MSM :

1. trails of TNT were found in the „wreckage”
2. bodies were disrespectfully treated and we are not sure anymore who is buried where
3. Some Russian blogger publicized on internet bodies of the victims straight from the „disaster area” , presumably leaked by FSB to humiliate Poles further . I didn’t go to this site because such barbaric entertainment is not my cup of tea but I can provide URL to anyone interested .
4. Various attempts to revive xenophobic nationalism are undertaken with anti Russian slogans chanted during demonstrations eg. 11.11, our Independence Day .

I can go on and on . It is only designed to revive centuries old anti Moscow emotions fed to us by „Polish” film industry nowadays and with the hands of masonic/frankist poets like Mickiewicz in 19th century .

I can see through this nonsense and I don’t like it . I don’t want to see my country maneuvered into another violent mess by London , Vatican or wherever these snakes reside .


Re: Polish president’s plane crash. PsyOp?

Postby bostonterrierowner on December 6th, 2012, 4:14 pm


It looks a bit cartoonish to me . Give it a try guys :)


This one is particularly interesting . Checkerboard on the tail of the „wreckage” doesn’t fit the one from the operating TU 154 , tail number 101 .


This picture looks fishy as well ..


Re: Polish president’s plane crash. PsyOp?

Postby bostonterrierowner on December 5th, 2012, 2:15 pm

Guys ,

I need to admit that I never looked closely into the matter of so called „Smolensk Catastrophe” but now I am really beginning to…

Right now I am 100% sure it was a PsyOp , evidence is abundant , sloppiness of the perps evident , inconsistencies and blatant lies blew in my face :)

Do you remember Brian our fight about the General Gilarski ? I really knew this guy , looks like I still do :) Creepy shit but I am not making this up . Better ! now I remember that Mr. Nurowski , chief of Polish Olympic Committee in the time of the „crash” lived in my block of flats in Warsaw in the 80ties and 90ties . He was driving Mrecedes 600 S class in 1989 and it was really something back than .
Nurowski was a co-founder of Polsat TV, our major private MSM and Mr. Solorz Zak an alleged owner was just his puppet . They are both well known for their involvement with communist intelligence services . Some names on this list are not made up and I can vouch for this , lets make this clear .

Anyways I will post more stuff soon and it will become evident to all of us that we were fooled again .

Update :

To my astonishment I found out that there is no single proof that President’s plane actually took off from Warsaw on 10th :)
Secondly , our prime minister Tusk is said to have landed in Smolensk Severny (northern ) „airport” on April 7th but actually he touched down in Yuzny (southern ) a few kilometers away . Most probably there is no operating airfield in this place let alone the one equipped to service official visits .

Thirdly , people responsible in President’s office for preparing all official visits never heard any charges , the same is true for Polish Secret Service ( Biuro Ochrony Rządu ) agents responsible for protecting state’s officials . To add injury to insult guys like Sasin from President’s office were later honored by Jarosław Kaczyński , Lech’s twin brother .

I didn’t know either that there are 2 official hours of the „crash” . President and 95 other people die and they can’t even make up their mind what time it was :) First it was 8:56 and after 2 weeks 8:41 and this is the timing now .

i will collect available pictures for some ELA testing etc.

Last edited by bostonterrierowner on December 5th, 2012, 10:40 pm, edited 2 times in total.

Ale mamy problem do rozwiązania.

Nasz ci to czy nie nasz. A może i Putina. Dlatego nie odda go nigdy!. A co się stało z polskim TU154M PLF101.

Czesi go przewieźli, czy co ???????????

W siną dal odjedża TU154M z lotniska w KBELY – blog Albatros … z …


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Oct 8, 2016 – Pomaszerował w lewa w prawa w siną dal https://www.gonzoaviation.com/clanok/transport-tu-154-do-kunovic Biznes to biznes….

Rozbiórka TU154M na czynniki pierwsze w Pradze – blog Albatros … z …


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Jul 21, 2016 – The first new transport aircraft AIRBUS A-319 Corporate Jetliner landed at its future home airport at Prague Kbely on 30th January 2007.

Modelarze lotniczy z Pragi – Model Tu154M 1:1 Oryginał – blog …


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Jul 22, 2016 – Modelarze lotniczy z Pragi rekonstruują ORYGINAŁY TU-154M w skali … Muzeum założono w części wojskowego lotniska Praga-Kbely, które …

1003 – TU154M – Prague – Kbely (LKKB) – planes.cz


Translate this page

Photo Detail TU154M CEF LKKB. Author: … TU154M. Airline: Czech Air Force (CEF). Date taken: 08/2008. Registration: 1003. Airport: Prague – Kbely (LKKB). 0×

Tupolev Tu-154M – czechairspotters.com


Czech – Air Force – Tupolev Tu-154M 1016, Company: Czech – Air Force, Airport: Praha – Kbely(LKKB). Type: Tupolev Tu-154M, Country: Czech Republic.


Problem z drugim tupolewem

Jedyny polski Tupolew, który miał wrócić do Polski w lipcu, będzie w kraju najpóźniej w połowie września. Opóźnienie spowodowała niezgodność zamontowanych urządzeń z dokumentacją projektową samolotu.

TU-154 to jedyna taka maszyna, jaką po katastrofie samolotu pod Smoleńskiem posiada MON. Od kilku miesięcy przechodzi generalny remont w Samarze. Pierwotnie zapowiadano, że tupolew wróci pod koniec lipca, ale termin ten został przesunięty.

Powód opóźnienia to konieczność przejrzenia instalacji samolotu, w tym elektrycznej, które zostały założone podczas poprzedniego remontu. Urządzenia te nie były zgodne z dokumentacją TU-154

  • Należało to sprawdzić i wraz z biurem projektowym tupolewa zrobić nową dokumentację. Urządzenia działały sprawnie, trzeba było tylko zweryfikować sposób ich zamontowania – powiedział w TVN24 Marek Wośko, prezes zarządu MAW TELECOM INTL S.A, firmy odpowiedzialnej za remont TU-154.

Przyznał jednocześnie, że podobny problem był z tupolewem, który rozbił się pod Smoleńskiem.

Remontowany TU-154 ma wrócić do Polski – jak zadeklarował Wośko – na początku, a najpóźniej w połowie września. Prace remontowe już się zakończyły, obecnie maszyna jest malowana.

Z kolei w przyszłym tygodniu rozpocznie się odbiór dokumentacji związanej z remontem. To – jak powiedział Wośko – kilkadziesiąt tomów opisów technicznych odnośnie tego, co podczas remontu stwierdzono i wymieniono. Potem nastąpi odbiór techniczny maszyny.



25 sierpnia 2010

nadesłane przez: anna

Czeka, a czas płynie.

Godzina 8:56 – wyją syreny, biją dzwony – Tvn24


Apr 17, 2010

Wideo: YouTube Amatorski film z katastrofy … 11:29 – Przyczyną katastrofy polskiego samolotu …

Od katastrofy w Gibraltarze minęły ponad 70 lat. Specjaliści od Teatrum Mundi potrafią mniej lub bardziej udolnie budować sceny polityczne.

Reszta jest milczeniem. Liczy się Qui Bono.


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